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"El Mirador de Monfragüe"

The rural apartments "El Mirador de Monfragüe" are located in full heart of Monfragüe's National Park, in Villarreal de San Carlos, the only existing town, inside the National Extremaduran Park.

Pueblo Villarreal de San Carlos
Villarreal de San Carlos

The rural apartments "El Mirador de Monfragüe" have been constructed carefully up to the last detail. Endowed with all the comforts, with a cozy environment and with a few impressive sights, they constitute the rural housing of reference of the National Park; where the client will enjoy an unforgettable stay. And all this, without need to use the car.

Apartamentos rurales el mirador de monfragûe
Apartamentos Rurales El Mirador de Monfragüe

The rural apartments "El Mirador de Monfragüe", also offer customers offers custom packages, that included accommodation and many activities to do, during your stay in the Park, like hiking trails through Monfragüe (with varying intensity and duration), birding Monfragüe, (birding with expert guides), horse riding, bicycle rentals, adventure sports (zip line, paintball, archery, etc.), canoeing, así and 4x4 guided tours with expert guides, where to be able to discover the natural exchequers, which Monfragüe's National Park encloses, doing of the visit, an unique experience.

A.R. El Mirador de Monfragüe

Its situation is strategic, for all those who want to visit this Natural protected Space, because close to the apartments, it is found the Office of Information and the Centers of Interpretation of the National Park. Also, from rural apartments "El Mirador de Monfragüe", are all the itineraries that pass for Monfragüe start. In the same way, and with the arrival of autumn, the customer can enjoy and contemplate the beautiful spectacle of rutting deer, from the same apartments, just by looking out the window.

Rural apartments "El Mirador de Monfragüe"

Monfragüe's National Park - Villarreal de San Carlos, 10 - Cáceres - España

Phone 1º: 667 624 547 - Phone 2º: 666 422 453